We would like to invite our visitors to the Paper Industry Museum, which was established in 1982 from the historical artefacts of our company.

The information boards, exhibited documents, ancient paper manufacturing appliances, which show the process of the manual and later mechanical paper manufacturing, all serve the purpose, that the visitor should become a partner in this interesting and fascinating culture of paper manufacturing which has rich traditions.

Downstairs there is a workshop arranged according to paper mills in the 18th century. This workshop is suitable for preparing hand-made papers, here you can try how paper was prepared in the past.

Upstairs exhibits about the culture of the company and former products are on display. We also show those watermarked papers, which we produced during the last decades. A part of the exhibition is formed by the base paper of banknotes produced since 1920.

The museum can be visited on weekdays from 10.00- 14.00.

Exception: open on the first Saturday of every month from 10-14. In this case the museum is closed on the following Monday.

We ask the groups to check in on the following phone + 36 46 530-824 or +36 46 530-890.

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