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The quality management system of the company has been in operation since 1999, which has brought about positive changes and started favorable processes in the field of quality assurance.
The development of the quality approach, the conscious search for weak points, and the definition of development priorities have brought spectacular results in the quality of serving customer needs.
The application of the ISO 9001 quality management system standard helps us, so we consider it important to review our system annually with an independent, international certifier.

Our production culture guarantees the release of a product which meets with requirements and in order to fulfil them at all times we maintain the topicality of our regulations and adjust it to the demands of the age.
Strict supervision of the operation and interaction of the processes, consistent measurement and analysis methods ensure the continuous development.

We welcome our customers in our factory, where they have the opportunity to inspect the products we offer as well as the paper production process.
In-person meetings also help to develop a product specification tailored to the intended use.
During the visits, our customers can be sure of the strict supervision of the production processes and the quality control of the product manufactured for them.

In line with international needs and in order to increase its performance, the Company is constantly developing its management system.
Renewal audits of the quality and environmental management system were performed in 2017, and a review audit was performed in 2018,
which were already performed in accordance with the version of the relevant ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards issued in 2015.
In order to further development of the the environmental management system in the interest of environmentally conscious management,
in 2017 the Company was also registered in the Environmental Management and Verification System (EMAS). (HU-000040) The Company’s Environmental Statement can be read here.

The information security management system according to the ISO 27001 standard, which was also acquired by the Company in 2017,
serves to support the security of business-critical information, IT systems and processes.

The FSC® Certificate (License Number: FSC-C139900) guarantees that the Company will only use pulp fibres produced by processing wood harvested in compliance with the responsible forest management requirements for the manufacture of products belonging to the FSC® product groups.
The certification guarantees that the forest farms and wood processing plants comply with the standards and regulations of the organization,
and the products they sell comply with the conditions of environmentally conscious and socially responsible production.

The acquisition of the CWA 15374 certificate was successfully completed in October 2019,
with which we gained our certified supplier status in accordance with the needs of the security printing industry operators.

The possession of certificates and the integrated management system thus created mediate the professional reliability of the Company and build trust in the partners.

Our company declares its commitment to quality in its quality and environmental policy.