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Integrated governance policy

The Management

is committed to sustainable management and operation, in light of this, has defined an integrated policy in line with the Company’s objectives, in which it formulated a framework for setting and achieving these objectives, and demonstrating its commitment to meet stakeholder requirements for quality, safety management, environmental awareness and information security, as well as continuous improvement and compliance with legislation and other Company obligations.

The Quality and Environmental Manager, the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Information Security Officer ensure that the Quality, Safety Management, Information Security and Environmental Management Policy is communicated, understood and applied at all levels of the organisation. All new staff members receive training on the Integrated Management Policy.

The Quality, Safety Management, Information Security and Environmental Management Policy and Environmental Statement of DIPA Diósgyőr Papermill Inc. are available for employees, partners, stakeholders and the public.

The content of the Quality, Safety, Information Security and Environmental Management Policy is reviewed for continued suitability by the management at least once a year at a management review or in the event of a significant change.

In addition to its domestic presence, DIPA Diósgyőr Papermill Inc. intends to become an increasingly important player in the security paper industry in the future by continuously strengthening and developing its position on the foreign market.

The Company aims to meet its objectives by effectively operating systems in accordance with ISO 9001, CWA 15374, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 standards and by complying with the environmental management and certification system in accordance with Regulation No 1221/2009 [2017/1505/EU] (EMAS).

The Company’s main mission is to ensure customer satisfaction in the field of security paper production, both in terms of quality, provided security solutions, quality of service and related prices, security management, and, as a security paper supplier, to consistently operate in accordance with the requirements of CWA 15374.

By implementing an information security management system and integrating the risk management process, the objective is to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, to reinforce the presence of confidence in partners that IT risks are being addressed in a prominent and appropriate manner. Information security provisions, policies and performance evaluation are detailed in the Information Security Policy.

A further objective is to learn and apply best environmental practices, prevent pollution, reduce manufacturing losses, environmental impact and use of natural resources. To this end, the Company undertakes to operate an environmental management and certification system in accordance with the EMAS Regulation (registration number HU-000040).

The FSC® certificate (License Number: FSC-C139900) guarantees that the Company uses only wood pulp material produced by processing wood harvested in compliance with responsible forest management requirements for the manufacture of products belonging to the FSC® product groups.

DIPA Diósgyőr Papermill Inc. expresses its intention in a declaration to meet its own needs and the requirements of its customers, both of which focusing to ensure responsible forest management in security paper production.

The management of the Company is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performance and will make strategic and operational decisions in this spirit.

Management expresses its unconditional commitment to comply with legislation, decisions and other requirements applicable to the Company’s activities, and to continuously improve the quality, safety management, information security and effectiveness of the environmental management system.

To ensure effective security management, information security and efficient operation, to produce high quality products and services, and to protect the environment, the following measures are implemented:

  • to provide products and services in appropriate quality and on time;
  • the development of marketing and commercial activities;
  • establishing and maintaining full control of information security;
  • maintaining a compliance system;
  • market introduction of new products and services, new solutions;
  • developing specialized technical knowledge;
  • implementing production- and quality-centric investments;
  • development of the security system, cooperation with strategic IT partners;
  • increasing the efficiency of error prevention activities;
  • reducing pollutant emission, preventing accidents;
  • implementing an advanced risk management process to reduce the impact of operational risks;
  • rationalizing the use of natural resources;
  • use of environmentally friendly raw materials and auxiliary materials;
  • increasing the recovery rate of waste generated.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Company promotes the objectives and results of this policy to its employees and partners through education and active communication, and expects all employees to work in the spirit of this policy.

Miskolc, 22nd of November, 2023.

Gizella Ráczkövy