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DIPA Inc is willing to remain the long-term determinant of the security paper production in Hungary, beside continuous strengthen and development of our foreign market position.
DIPA Inc wish to fulfill his objectives using an efficient system conforming ISO9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which guarantees our product quality, and the fulfillment of manufacturing and product safety. Our goal is to learn and apply the leading environmental practices, to prevent pollution, to reduce waste emissions and consumption of natural resources.
The company’s main task in the security paper manufacturing is the achievement of customer satisfaction both in the quality of services and related prices.
The Management of DIPA Inc. state his unconditional commitment toward fulfillment of related legislation, decision and other guvernamental requirements, and also toward continuous improvement of Quality and Environmental protection system efficiency.
To ensure an efficient and succesfull management , high quality product and environmental protection, we implement followings:

– sustain an efficient marketing,
– introduction of new products and services,
– manufacturing driven investments,
– initiate of professional relationship with European security paper manufacturers,
– increase of problem prevention efficiency,
– reduction of primer pulp usage,
– rationalization of natural resource consumption,
– environmental frendly raw and auxiliary material aplication,
– waste reduction,
– cost efficient management.

In order to achieve our goals the Company expectation is from each employees to complet their work int he spirit of this policy.